Outstanding SJS Results From the Model United Nations Conference in Chicago

Outstanding Delegation: 
Erica Fuste and Salvador Gomez
Honorable Mention: 
Claudia Corral and Amanda Perdomo
Emilio Matos and Luis Portela
Verbal Commendation:
Felipe Albors and Georgiana Unanue
This past weekend Saint John’s School of Puerto Rico (SJS) students, Felipe Albors, Juan Albors, Gustavo Cestero, Claudia Corral, Leonides Díaz, Erica Fuste, Salvador Gómez, Ricardo Marrero, Marco de Marsily, Emilio Matos, Amanda Perdomo, Luis Portela, Georgiana Unanue, participated in the 2018 Model United Nations University of Chicago Conference (MUNUC 2018). Throughout the weekend the students deliberated, negotiated and created comprehensive resolutions designed to solve the World’s most pressing issues; from Nuclear Disarmament, to Access and Sanitation of Water, to Women’s Access to Health Resources and Aid in Sub Saharan Africa all the SJS’s students commendably participated and distinguished themselves among the 3,000 students that represented over a 130 schools in MUNUC 2018. This year, once again these students held the name of our school high, earning top honors in 4 out of the 7 committees they participated in. 

While MUNUC does not rank students they do give the following awards: Verbal Commendation (3rd highest award) Honorable Mention (2nd highest award) and Outstanding Delegation (1st and highest award) in each of the committees.
This year Felipe Albors and Georgiana Unanue earned a Verbal Commendation (3rd highest award). Emilio Matos and Luis Portela earned an Honorable Mention (2nd highest award). Claudia Corral and Amanda Perdomo earned an Honorable Mention (2nd highest award). Finally, Salvador Gómez and Erica Fuste earned Outstanding Delegation which is the 1st highest award given at this conference. 

Advisors Mr. Emery and Mr. Lugo, are incredibly proud of the work put in by the SJS MUNUC 2018 Team and the resilience they have demonstrated in the face of adversity this year. Our school community has a lot to be proud of. 

Congratulations to all of the MUNUC Team and each of those specifically recognized and awarded in MUNUC 2018.

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