Secondary Division Clubs

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  • "Hurricanes" Team Managers

    The "Hurricanes" Team Managers is a club and a vital component of our interscholastic athletics program.  Student Managers are part of Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, and they provide support to coaches and athletic directors with everything regarding the team, travel, competitions, etc. They also work as a liaison between coach and team, assisting with communication, logistics and operational matters. They will work with any activities organized by the Athletic department including invitational tournaments and all sports awards ceremonies. 
  • Art Club

    For students interested in art making, this club allows an opportunity to delve further than the courses available through the curriculum to learn and develop artistic skills, present work and celebrate art. (For students in grades 9-12) 

    Adviser: Maru Fusté
  • Be a Bee Project

    This club works together to teach the importance of bees for the future of human development. They help beekeepers in Puerto Rico and work with various schools around the island to help educate others about their purpose. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Rosalia Eiffert
  • Chess Club (Currently Inactive)

    This club promotes the growth of the chess program and aims to get students interested in becoming better chess players. It allows students the chance to play chess on a regular basis in the school library. The club helps to plan, organize and implement intramural tournaments.  (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Arquelio Feliciano
  • Choir

    Students who are interested in vocal performances meet periodically during club days and some after school rehearsals. This ensemble performs in school functions and other events as requested.
  • Community Service Club

    This club provides opportunities for young people to work together doing projects and activities to support social causes and improve the lives of others within the SJS community and the community at large. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Vanessa Ortiz
  • Film Club

    Students have the opportunity to learn about film making, make some short films/scenes, and analyze and talk about movies. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Ilanit Edry
  • French Club

    The French Club aims to plan and conduct events that celebrate the study of French language and culture. It also continues to strengthen the partnership between Saint John’s and the Alliance Française.  (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Mayra Prestamo
  • French Honor Society & DELF

    The French Honor Society is an organization of students to recognize achievement in French and promote the study of French language and culture. Membership is by invitation only, and students must have completed at least two years of French courses (if new at SJS, at least one semester completed and a minimum grade of B in GPA) and demonstrate excellence in academics, service and dedication to the study of French. (For students in grades 9-12)

    Adviser: Sylvie Tarbox

  • Green Key Society

    For students in grades 9-12 who excel academically, stand out as leaders and in service endeavors, and have proven a strong sense of pride and loyalty for Saint John’s School. Members are selected by a team of administrators who choose the students based on the attributes listed above, as well as their ability to represent our school in a variety of settings and scenarios. Students serve as ambassadors and representatives at different school events, initiatives, service projects, working primarily with the Secondary School administration and the Office of Admissions. (For students in grades 9-12)

    Advisers: Nissa Cardona & David Sanabria
  • International Thespian Society

    This drama club gives students an opportunity to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities. Members will engage in theatre-related opportunities, including: impromptu skits, monologues, play rehearsals, and technical theatre. The club will work on creative thinking and teambuilding skills provide its members with enriched experiences in the performing arts. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Ana Soler
  • Investment Club

    For students who are interested in investment, economics and wealth management. The group meets to learn about the world of finance, investment strategies, and professional fields from experienced and knowledgeable speakers around the island. Students will also conduct mock investments to implement what they are learning. (For students in grades 7 -12)

    Adviser: Andreas Aponte

  • Italian Club

    For students who are studying Italian and wish to engage and expand their understanding of Italian culture and history, while they have opportunities to further develop their Italian language skills.  (For students in grades 8-12)

    Adviser: Francesca Biundo
    Prerequisites: Students who are taking Italian
  • Journalism Club

    The Saint John's School newspaper is a student activity moderated by a faculty member.  It is published approximately every two months and contains material contributed by students and faculty members of the school. (For students in grades 7-12)
  • Library Club

    We work on gathering students' voices to promote and develop library programs and evaluate the collection. We organize activities and develop community hours projects that are aligned to various library services, like open-mics, read alouds, surveys, among others. (For students in grades  7-12)

    Adviser: Sylmarí Burgos
  • Math Club

    This organization helps bring students together who are interested in mathematics. One of its foremost goals is to prepare students for participation in local interscholastic math competitions and participation in the AMC (American Math Competition.)  This club organizes participation in the Math Olympics.
  • Mathcounts

    The Mathcounts Competition Series is a national middle school program where each school selects their top ten (10) ranked students to represent them in a mathematics competition. We select students from 5th grade through 8th grade for our training sessions. During the year, students are exposed to challenges and contest driven activities geared towards developing teamwork and problem-solving skills in mathematics. (For students in grades 6-8, with some in 5th grade for early training)

    Adviser: Ilanit Edry, Carlos Seda & Luis Beltrán
  • National Art Honor Society

    Students are inducted into this society based on service, leadership and ability.  Members are part of a national network of art students.  Membership is by invitation only and students must demonstrate a serious commitment to the visual and performing arts. 
  • National Honor Society

    Upon entry into 9th grade, all high school students are encouraged to aspire to membership in the National Honor Society. NHS members and faculty are committed to guiding students, through discussion and mentoring, in the development of desirable qualities that will lead them to NHS membership eligibility. It works in service to school. Membership eligibility is for students in grades 10-12. See the NHS By-laws for more information.

    Adviser: David Henner
    Prerequisites: Faculty selection
  • National Junior Honor Society

    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization of 7th, 8th and 9th grade students, who are selected by a faculty council on the basis of strong scholarship (B+ average or better) and outstanding Character, Service, Leadership and Citizenship. (For students in grades 7-9, by invitation and faculty selection)

    Adviser: Paola Quirós 
  • Poetry Out Loud

    This program encourages students to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation. It helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about literary history and contemporary life through an annual Poetry Recitation Competition where students may enter and be considered for interscholastic competitions. Participation is voluntary. (For students in grades 9-12)

    Adviser: Dana Erickson 
  • Publications

    Perceptions (in English), and Perfiles (in Spanish) are the literary magazines of Saint John's School. Both publications are intended to be vehicles of literary and artistic expression for students. Students who work with these magazines are provided with hands-on experiences in the basics of journalism. (For students in grades 7-12)
  • Robotics Club (Currently Inactive)

    In our efforts to develop a Robotics’ Program, the Robotics Club will be part of the detailed three year integration plan. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Arquelio Feliciano
  • Science Bowl Team

    This team is for students interested in deepening their knowledge of traditional scientific subjects (i.e., biology, chemistry, and physics, etc.) The club members have the chance to represent Saint John's at local interscholastic competitions and meet to practice, study and train in the format of science bowl competitions. Students are trained for two different kinds of competition: fast-paced question-and-answer format and written questions and answers. These students participate in the annual Saint John's School Science Bowl. There is a 7th/8th grade team and a 9th-12th team.

    Adviser: Joselyn Latimer

    Stands for Sexuality, Pride, Education, Change, Truth, Respect and Unity Movement. This organization meets regularly to provide opportunities for all students, teachers and members of the community to gain understanding and strengthen the straight-LGTB alliance and create a safer, compassionate, respectful and more understanding environment for all people. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: María de Lourdes Seijo
  • Student Council

    This is a national organization comprised of secondary division students who have been elected by their schoolmates to represent them. It focuses on developing leadership, organizational skills, and community service.  (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Samuel Ortíz
    Prerequisites: Election
  • UNICEF Club

    UNICEF is a leading humanitarian and development agency working globally for the rights of every child. UNICEF has spent nearly 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Working with and for children through adolescence and into adulthood requires a global presence whose goal is to produce results and monitor their effects. Child rights begin with safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflict and traverse the life cycle: pre-natal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, health care and education.  The Saint John’s School chapter supports and helps create awareness of the efforts conducted by UNICEF.  (For students in grades 7-12) 

    Adviser: Pedro de Jesús
  • Women in Me Club

    An organization that helps create awareness of gender issues and promotes the interests and rights of women. The club meets periodically and holds conferences, sponsors activities to support women organizations, and invites lecturers to help promote awareness. Our aim is to empower young women to be the leaders of tomorrow. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Adviser: Vanessa Ortiz
  • Yearbook

    The publication of the school’s yearbook is a collaborative effort integrating student participation in the collection, editing and coordination of the production of the yearbook. Work schedule and meeting times vary throughout the year. (for students in grades 9-12)
The following are the participation requirements:
  • Students with the grade of C or higher in all classes for the quarter preceding the trip.
  • Students with proper attendance (according to the student handbook).
Exceptions to the above policy will be considered and may be granted by the Principal.

Extra-Curricular Activities that Require Travel Outside of Puerto Rico

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  • Cultural Enrichment Travel

    Students may join a group of teachers on a journey to a designated region (multiple countries) of the world. Each year the trip is announced at the beginning of the school year and students and parents have the opportunity to attend orientation meetings where all details are explained.
  • Junior States of America Club

    This is a student run organization is to create political awareness. It is a non-partisan youth organization to help high school students acquire leadership skills and the knowledge necessary to be effective debaters and civic participants. (For students in grades 10-12)

    Adviser: Ellena López

  • Model Organization of American States

    The Model Organization of American States, or M.O.A.S., consists of up to three (3) delegations of up to ten (10) students each, who represents a different country of the Americas every year before the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C. The members of the delegations participate in a model session held in the nation’s capital in early December. The conference is organized, led and overseen by the Organization of American States and delegates interact with country officials, ambassadors, and student-representatives from other countries. Throughout the first semester, members meet before and after school to conduct research on hemispheric issues from their assigned countries in topics such as government policy, health, education, technology, and economic development. As delegates, they learn how to write resolutions, sharpen their ability to speak in public, learn to use the parliamentary procedure, as well as, to work individually and as team members. (For students in grades 9-12)

    Adviser: Patricia del Toro & David Sanabria
  • Model United Nations Club

    The club’s purpose is to learn about the United Nations and to help students develop leadership and debate strategies.  Students study the UN’s parliamentary system and participate in debates and competitions held locally throughout the year. Students have the chance to discuss current issues, represent international delegations and write viable resolutions designed to solve a “crisis.” Once a year, distinguished delegates have the option to participate in the NAIMUN competitions in the U.S. and/or abroad. (For students in grades 7-12)

    Note that while 7th and 8th graders may participate in the local competitions, only students in grades 9-12 are allowed to travel to the yearly competition in the U.S.

    Adviser: Beatriz Ramírez 

  • Space Academy

    Students are encouraged to attend Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama on a designated week during the second semester.  This program immerses campers into a 6-day experience that encourages teamwork, problem solving, communication skills and self-confidence.  It is directly based on the science curriculum that will be studied in 8th grade when they take physical science. (For students in grade 7)

Saint John’s School

Saint John’s School is a non-profit, college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1915. The school, located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an enrollment of over 800 students from pre pre-kinder to grade twelve. Instruction is mostly in English with the exception of language courses.