A graduate of Saint John's School pursues excellence in all endeavors, and is:

List of 5 items.

  • A happy, healthy, and balanced individual

    ○ Nurtures both mind and body.
    ○ Strives for independence and self-sufficiency.
    ○ Leads a well-rounded lifestyle between physical, social, emotional, academic, familiar, and professional endeavors.
  • An excellent communicator and productive collaborator

    ○ Masters listening, speaking, reading and writing in both English and Spanish.
    ○ Ably engages in debate as a tool for helping a group move forward.
    ○ Listens to and respects the opinions, values, and beliefs of others and practices self-reflection.
  • A culturally appreciative person

    ○ Embraces diverse works of literature, visual and performing arts, and music as expressions of creativity, social reflection, and the human condition.
    ○ Understands and respects different languages, cultural contexts, and historical perspectives.
  • A life-long learner and critical thinker

    ○ Actively pursues personal growth and develops individual talents and abilities.
    ○ Exhibits curiosity and creativity.
    ○ Displays resourcefulness and resilience.
    ○ Uses media and other sources appropriately to seek information and gain knowledge.
    ○ Demonstrates proficiency in natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.
    ○ Researches, analyzes, evaluates and synthesizes information.
    ○ Solves problems effectively and adapts to changing circumstances.
  • An engaged and socially responsible local and global agent of change

    ○ Contributes to society with empathy.
    ○ Makes ethical and moral choices.
    ○ Advocates social justice.
    ○ Exercises leadership.
    ○ Willingly participates in meaningful service to others.
    ○ Proactively protects and conserves our environmental future by reducing our carbon footprint.

Accreditation, licenses and memberships

  • Consejo General de Educación, P.R.
  • Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools
  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • National Association of Student Councils
  • College Entrance Examination Board
  • Puerto Rico Private Schools Association
  • Puerto Rico High School Athletic Alliance
  • National Honor Society
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • National Art Honor Society
  • International Thespian Society
  • Caribbean Chapter of the Cum Laude Society
  • Caribbean Association of Independent Schools

Saint John’s School

Saint John’s School is a non-profit, college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1915. The school, located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an enrollment of over 800 students from pre pre-kinder to grade twelve. Instruction is mostly in English with the exception of language courses.