Model UN Members Participate in NAIMUN Conference in Washington, DC

We are very proud of our members who participated, competed, and represented our school during the Model UN NAIMUN Conference in Washington, DC, and we congratulate them all. These are the participants listed by committee, with their awards included:

SOCHUM - General Assemblies - Cuba
Alejandro Madero Fidalgo
Wyatt Wunker

SOCHUM - General Assemblies - Jamaica
Matteo de Marsily Viso
Javier Cardoza Ramírez

SPECPOL - General Assemblies - Cuba (Oral Mention)
Sofía Corral Kindlund
Rafael Arrillaga

SPECPOL - General Assemblies - Jamaica
Diego Rivera López
Stella Bitton

C40 - General Assemblies - Medellin, Colombia
Ela Faigenblat

UNHCR - General Assemblies - Cuba
Rania Marrero-Alattar

UNHCR - General Assemblies - Jamaica
Adelaida Siaca Ortiz

U.S. Senate – ECOSOCs - William M. Evarts
Marco Antonio Lambert Melendez

OAS – ECOSOCs - Jamaica
Jan Paul Van Noort Figueroa
Giovanni Jose Davila

Salomar Levis Chévere

Manuel Quezon's Cabinet - Historical Crisis - Mariano Cuenco
Juliana Christina Wingard

Daughter of the Nile Union - Historical Crisis - Aida Nasrallah
Alexandra Sofia Sosa

Ad-hoc Committee of the Secretary-General - Non-Traditionals - Ad-hoc Delegate 10
Andrea de Lourdes Ávila-Colón

Bilingual: El Destino De Los Panameños - Non-Traditionals - Brenda D. Fentwell
Itzel Trinidad Vidal

Press Corps - Non-Traditionals - Press Corps Delegate 7 (Book Award/Distinguished Delegation – 3rd Place)
Alia Marrero-Alattar

Saint John’s School

Saint John’s School is a non-profit, college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1915. The school, located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an enrollment of over 800 students from pre pre-kinder to grade twelve. Instruction is mostly in English with the exception of language courses.