SJS Hosts the XXIII Model United Nations Competition

The Saint John’s School Model United Nations organization celebrated its XXIII competition on October 22nd and 23rd. We competed with the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, The TASIS School in Dorado, and the University of Puerto Rico High School (UHS). This was the first in-person competition of our League of Independent Model United Nations schools, with slightly over 100 students participating.

After a year of virtual competitions, our students and their guests were glad and excited to experience their first in-person competition. We had a delicious lunch provided by our SJS Senior Class of 2022 and distributed it with the help of Senior Class Adviser, Ms. Ellena López. The Model United Nations organization also raised over $200 for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Everyone was happy to be back in person, and our students enjoyed fraternizing with their fellow delegates from other schools. The SJS MUN Board worked arduously during this first quarter of the school year and, particularly, during this week and weekend as they prepared for the event. They succeeded in running a smooth competition that was enjoyed by chairs and delegates alike. We even had the opportunity to host some of the committees in our newly re-designed, smart classrooms!

During both the closing and opening ceremonies, our President Alia Marrero-Alattar and Vice-president Sofía Corral Kindlund gave warm, thoughtful speeches that embodied the spirit of inclusivity, fairness, and rigorousness that the League of Model United Nations clubs promotes. Our chairs, Walterlin Lin, Giovanni Jose Davila, and Jan Paul Van Noort Figueroa, did an excellent job, and the delegates in their committees praised them for their fairness and demanding work. Finally, we are proud of all our delegates, who devoted many hours before and during the competition to represent Saint John’s School with honor, and who were gracious hosts with our guests.

We are looking forward to the League’s next competition at Baldwin!

SOS Cuba: Protestors’ Crisis
Omar Oquendo Cardona - Italy - SJS
Rafael Pagán Desfassiaux - Chile - SJS
Diego Nieves Pedraza - Chile - SJS
Wyatt Wunker - United Kingdom - SJS Written Mention
Alejandro Madero Fidalgo - United Kingdom - SJS Written Mention

Free Britney: Conservatorship laws
Saleh Yassin Shehadeh - Sten Hoyer - SJS Written Mention
Gabriel Escalante Vega - Sten Hoyer - SJS Written Mention
Rania Marrero-Alattar - Ami Bera - SJS Written Mention
Sofia Espindola De La Mora - Ami Bera - SJS Written Mention 4th
Federico A. Valldejuly Montilla - Ken Calvert - SJS Oral Mention
Miranda Jatib - Ken Calvert - SJS Oral Mention
Ryder Alexander Juneja - Tom McClintock -SJS
Lucas Zaine Juneja - Tom McClintock - SJS
Gianna Bitton - Doug LaMafia - SJS

Recinto de Ciencias Médicas
Mia Isabella Fuentes Gonzalez - Rafael Bernabe - SJS
Chase Powers - Rafael Bernabe - SJS
Ella Marie Linse - Jaime El Koury - SJS
Marco Antonio Lambert Melendez - Dr. Carlos Mellado -SJS Written Mention
Andrea de Lourdes Ávila-Colón - Dr. Carlos Mellado - SJS Written Mention

Afghanistan Conflict: Power Vacuum from 1989-1991
Carlos Enrique De Ontañón - Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin - SJS Best Delegate
Victoria Kaufer Casas - Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin - SJS Best Delegate
Ela Faigenblat - United States - SJS Oral Mention
Manuela Mendoza Hanna - United States - SJS Oral Mention
Adelaida Siaca Ortiz - Jamiat-e Islami - SJS Written Mention
Lara Yassin Shehadeh - Jamiat-e Islami - SJS Written Mention
Viviana Pereyó Jiménez - Pakistan - SJS Written Mention

Arab Spring
Diego Vázquez-Guillemard - National Oil Company - SJS
Roni Lewy - United Kingdom - SJS Written Mention
Beatriz Eugenia Higuerey - United Kingdom - SJS Written Mention
Andrea Adelaida Cabrer - Qatar - SJS Written Mention
Malena Aponte - Qatar - SJS Written Mention
Joaquin Andres Fernandez Bobonis - Egypt - SJS Oral mention
Sebastian Vázquez-Guillemard - Egypt - SJS Oral mention
Itzel Trinidad Vidal - Bahrain - SJS Best Delegate
Juliana Christina Wingard - Bahrain - SJS Best Delegate

GA US Intervention in Latin America: Condor Operation
Matteo de Marsily Viso - China - SJS Written Mention
Javier Cardoza Ramírez - China - SJS Written Mention
Luiz Penna Zopone - Panama - SJS Oral Mention
Nicolás Unanue Colón - Panama - SJS Oral Mention
Cyrus Wunker - Bolivia - SJS Written Mention
Morgan "Mac" Schuessler - Bolivia - SJS Written Mention
Rafael Arrillaga - Argentina - SJS Written Mention
Diego Rivera López - Argentina - SJS Written Mention

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