SJS Makes Its Mark at Baldwin Model UN Conference IX

The first year of competitions for The Independent League of Model United Nations/La Liga Independiente del Modelo de Naciones Unidas has concluded with the Baldwin Model United Nations Conference IX held on Saturday, March 20, 2021. This last competition had two schools from outside of Puerto Rico. We had a guest school from Honduras, the Sampedrana International School, and the Staten Island Academy from New York. The fact that we had a school from another country makes it the first international competition hosted by a high school Model United Nations circuit in Puerto Rico.

Our students did very well and enjoyed themselves immensely. All of them worked together and supported each other, which made the competition fun and exciting. It was a good ending to an unforgettable year.

Alia Marrero-Alattar, Salomar Levis Chévere and Carlos Enrique de Ontañón chaired the event. They represented the school very well with their poise and efficiency. All chairs received very positive feedback.

These are the committees and the awards received by delegation:                 

SENATE: GUN LEGISLATION          Chair: Alia Marrero-Alattar   
Mitch McConnell (R)        Solomón Levis Chévere and José Antonio Rodríguez Carrión          Best Delegation
Dianne Feinstein (D)        Ela Faigenblat and Stella Bitton                                                                       
Amy Klobuchar (D)          Wyatt Wunker and Nollen M. Stevenson
GA: APARTHEID IN SOUTH AFRICA          Chair: Salomar Levis
Denmark          Mardi Roques Colon and Cecilia Rodriguez          Oral Mention
Poland          Manuela Mendoza Hanna and Emma Jurgel
PR: CREACIÓN DEL ELA                             
President Harry S. Truman (PPD leaning)          Victoria Kaufer and Alexandra Sofia Sosa          Written Mention
Goldman Sachs          Jan Paul Van Noort Figueroa          Distinguished Mention
Tesla          Nicolás Unanue Colón and Luiz Penna Zopone
CRISIS: AD HOC WWII          Chair: Carlos Enrique de Ontañón
Delegate 3- Franklin Delano Roosevelt        Diego Saavedra Dávila        Distinguished Delegation                  
Delegate 4- Egypt          Sofia Corral Kindlund and Rafael Arrillaga

Ms. Isabel Franqui and Ms. Beatriz Ramírez, teacher coaches, commend the students' work and are very proud of all of our delegates. Congratulations to all!


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