SJS Hosts Independent League of MUN

The Saint John’s School Model United Nations club hosted the 2nd competition of our new Independent League, which was also the 22nd time Saint John’s School hosted a MUN competition. Our board worked very hard and ran a smooth competition successfully. Our students competed with students from the Baldwin School of Puerto Rico, The TASIS School in Dorado, and UHS Escuela Secundaria (University of Puerto Rico Secondary School). This was a virtual event, as all the schools followed the government protocol for COVID. We had two students chairing, Solomon Levis (’21), Ricardo Marrero (’21); and SJS alum Luis A. Portela (‘20), as the Crisis Power Portfolio director. Mr. Portela was last year’s SJS MUN club president. 
The José A. Rodríguez Carrión, this year’s SJSMUN Club president, opened the competition with a speech that celebrated and emphasized the League’s core values of equality, inclusiveness, and civility. He invited attendees to join him in unlearning those misconceptions and habits that can divide us by excluding some of us. During the downtime before the Award Ceremony, students completed a survey to collect information on their knowledge of the Independent League of Model United Nations Core Values, and on how they see the League’s dynamics being faithful or not to these values. 
We are very proud of our Board. Their hard work assured that everyone felt satisfied and enjoyed the competition. Our delegates and chairs worked hard and ran successful committees. Our team is working closely, cheering each other, and helping each other in competition. Therefore, everyone’s effort contributed to our school’s success. We are very proud of all of them!! 
Ms. Beatriz E. Ramírez Betances 
Ms. Isabel Franqui
Club Advisers 
Puerto Rico Committee: Jones Act 
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortés     Jan Paul Van Noort-Figueroa and
                                              Wyatt Wunker Written Mention
Mike Lee Juan Dalmau         Adelaida Siaca Ortiz Oral Mention                                                             
Legal Committee: Trump Impeachment                
Charles Schumer (D)            Darien Aranda 
Mitt Romney (R)                    Alexandra Sosa 
Cory Booker (D)                    Alejandro Madero and
                                              Mardi Roque Oral Mention 
Cory Gardner (R)                  Rania Marrero and
                                              Francisco Valldejuly Oral Mention 
Pat Cipollone (White House Council)           Aren Finelt 
Crisis - Yemen Civil War    
Vladimir Putin (Russia)          Diego Saavedra and
                                              José I. Fernández Outstanding (2nd Place) 
Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (Qatar)      Rafael Arrillaga and
                                                              Andrés Dana 
                                                              Distinguished (3rd Place) 
Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar: (Yemen)             Rafael Pagán and
                                                              Luca La Rosa Oral Mention 
Arab Emirates                                       Félix González and
                                                              Isaac Torres Written Mention 
Historical: The Great Depression 
Getty Oil                                Carlos Unanue and 
                                              Victoria Kaufer Written Mention 
Eugene Meyer                       Nollen M. Stevenson & Diego Nieves 
Herbert Hoover                      Manuela Mendoza & Emma Jurgel 
Civilian Conservation Corps  Walterlin Lin and
                                              Carlos De Ontañón 
                                              Outstanding Delegation 
Humanitarian: The Great Emu War of 1932       
Major GPW Meredith           Giovanni Dávila and
                                             Jerry Chen Written Mention 
Our board is: 
José A. Rodríguez Carrión – President 
Conrad Hamilton – Vice President 
Solomon Levis – Secretary 
Alia Marrero – Treasurer 
Sofía Corral – Historian 
Salomar Levis – Student Rep. 

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