SJS Participates Actively in this Year's MOAS Event

The Model Organization of American States General Assembly (MOAS) is a simulation exercise of the proceedings of the OAS Permanent Council and of the annual regular sessions of the General Assembly of the OAS. During the MOAS students engage in general debate, lobbying, caucusing and negotiation, and participate in working groups. They work to have resolutions approved and may work with actual OAS diplomats. This year there were discussions in several committees including Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs and the Committee On Hemispheric Security Issues. Our students represented the following countries this year: United States, Argentina and the Dominican Republic. 

Participation in MOAS is by invitation only and Saint John’s is the only school in Puerto Rico that has been participating every year since 1985. We are also one of three schools in the history of MOAS to have represented all 34 member nations of the OAS, receiving the coveted award in 2019.  Students from schools from throughout the United States, Panama, Colombia, Belize and Jamaica participate in this endeavor. The MOAS happens every year in November and it takes place in the Headquarters of the Organization of American States in Washington D.C. This year, the congress was held virtually. This year Saint John’s was represented by three delegations of six (6) students each participated. The advisors to the MOAS delegations in SJS are Mr. David Sanabria, Ms. Patricia del Toro and Mrs. Amanda Valentin. 

Saint John’s School

Saint John’s School is a non-profit, college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1915. The school, located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an enrollment of over 800 students from pre pre-kinder to grade twelve. Instruction is mostly in English with the exception of language courses.