Technology plays an integral part in the teaching/learning process at Saint John's School. The use of technology is designed to prepare students as they collaborate, research, construct and discover while at the same time allowing teachers to individualize their teaching strategies, teach digital citizenship and differentiate learning. Through the use of the latest technology, e-books, and the school-wide wireless network, students have access to unlimited resources to enhance their learning experience. Starting in seventh grade, all students are required to have a laptop and bring it to school on a daily basis.

The electronic device required by the school is to be used for educational purposes. Therefore, an expensive multimedia/audiovisual equipment is not necessary. Saint John's School recommends a Windows 10 Pro device.

Technology Information

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    A focus of this initiative is digital citizenship, which is the responsible use of technology. Your child will be reminded of digital skills, ethics, etiquette, and online safety. These are important aspects of participating in today’s world.

    Student devices may be used to access resources and complete classroom activities. Educational activities may include researching information, producing documents, analyzing data, participating in surveys, producing videos, reading e-books, creating blogs, or taking notes. The use of the device is at the sole discretion of the teacher.

    Parent acknowledgement and agreement to adhere to this policy is completed at the beginning of each school year as part of the verification process..

    Students are solely responsible for their device. They must bring it fully charged to school. Similar to other personally owned items, Saint John’s School, is not liable for loss, damage, misuse, or theft

    To maintain a safe and secure learning environment, a filtered Internet connection will be provided for students. As well, students will only be able to use their device under the direct supervision of their teacher. Any unauthorized use can result in privileges being revoked.

    Resources will be provided to help students connect their device to the school network. Your child must be familiar with how to use their device. Teachers will facilitate the use of your child’s device into learning.

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  • Tere Somoza 

    IT Director
  • Anibal Rivera 

    IT Techncian
  • Cristopher Torres 

    IT Support Specialist
  • Francisco Perez Vizcarrondo 

    Audio Visual Technician

More Information

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  • Device Recommendation

    Windows 10 Pro Device
     *Some classes will require the installation of Windows based software.
  • Software Recommendations

    Students get free access to Office 365

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