Hurricane Pride

Over the past century, Saint John’s School has distinguished itself for the superlative quality of its educational experience. We pride ourselves on creating a unique learning environment that actively encourages the potential for individual excellence in every student.  

The Presidential Scholars Program recognizes the top graduating seniors from the entire nation.  Every year, candidates are selected from the top 1% of all students taking the SAT.  Two Scholars from Puerto Rico are chosen based on leadership, academic excellence, and service.  Saint John's is the school in Puerto Rico with the highest proportion of Candidates and Scholars.  Last year, candidates comprised 20% of the Senior Class.  This year, candidates for the Presidential Scholar Award comprised 23% of the Senior Class.  National Merit Scholars are selected from the top PSAT scores on the island.  Over the past five years, Saint John's School has had 13 National Merit Scholars.  
The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST) are the highest honors bestowed by the United States government specifically for K-12 mathematics and science (including computer science) teaching. Only 108 awards are given each year, recognizing those teachers who develop and implement a high-quality instructional program that is informed by content knowledge and enhances student learning. Saint John's School is fortunate to have four of its faculty members chosen throughout its years. Three of these awardees are currently part of the teaching staff.

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  • Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

    Saint John's School
    San Juan , Puerto Rico
    2015 Award | 7-12 Mathematics

    Saint John's School
    San Juan , Puerto Rico
    2014 Award | K-6 Mathematics

    David Henner 
    Saint John's School
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    1993 Award | 7-12 Science

    Adele Mouakad 
    Saint John's School
    Santurce , Puerto Rico
    1988 Award | 7-12 Science
  • Presidential Scholars

    2021 Ricardo S. Marrero-Alattar
    2018 Diego Gonzalez-Lizardi
    2017 Summer Powers
    2016 Luisa Báez
    2015 Nirvana Domínguez
    2014 Yaelle Shaked
    2010 Thalia Rothenberg
    2009 Mariana Ramírez
    2009 Ridge Olivieri
    2006 Roberto Ferdman
    2005 Cristina Esteves-Wolff
    2003 Jason Borschow
    2001 Isabel Bernal
    1998 Virgil Calejesan
    1997 Edward Calejesan Reyes
    1994 Andrea Hulser
    1993 Natalie Adsuar
    1992 Bertie Ferdman
    1983 Carmen B. Torruella
    1980 John Zerbe, III
    1968 Denise Maillet
  • Presidential Scholar Candidates

    Carolina Chaves
    Diego Curet Sotomayor
    José Dubón Camuñas
    Alberto Manuel Fernandez
    Max Guihur Colón
    Carson Hamilton
    Victoria Kaufer Casas
    Walterlin Lin
    Adrián Emmanuel Medina González
    Iman Mukhtar
    Javier Andre Rios

    Marco de Marsily Viso
    Lara Fortuño Blanco
    Gordon Helmers
    Ricardo S. Marrero-Alattar
    José A. Rodríguez Carrión
    Diego Saavedra Dávila
    Robert Sims Dubón
    Katherine Tsui
    Carlos Unanue Colón

    Maya Charak
    Wyatt Coomes
    Alexandra Larrea
    Mike O’drobinak
    Mariano Ortiz
    Luis Portela
    Laura Reichard
    Liliann Zou.

    Ignacio Baerga
    Georgiana Unanue

    Alejandro Cid
    Karen Gao
    Diego Gonzalez Lizardi
    Eliza Helmers
    Max Linder
    Jorge Mederos
    Gabriela Morgan
    Carlos Juan Ortiz
    Anna Rullan Buxo

  • AP Scholars

    Acosta, Veronica C. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Alvarado, Carolina AP Scholar
    Barlia, Joseph AP Seminar and Research Certificate
    Barlia, Joseph AP Scholar with Honor
    Boada, Robert N. AP Scholar
    Bruno, Julieta L. AP Scholar
    Cerda, Andres J. AP Scholar
    Cheng, Stanley AP Scholar
    Christiansen, Madison R. AP Scholar
    Curet, Diego M. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Dardet, Nicolas A. AP Scholar with Honor
    De Felix, Mila G. AP Scholar
    De Ontanon, Carlos E. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Diaz, Sebastian R. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Dubon, Jose R. AP Scholar
    Fantauzzi, Alana K. AP Scholar
    Fernandez, Alberto M. AP Scholar with Honor
    Flores, Valentina AP Scholar with Honor
    Fournier, Ella C. AP Scholar with Honor
    Garcia Perez, Lara V. AP Scholar
    Guihur, Max V. AP Scholar
    Guindin, Annia M. AP Scholar
    Hamilton, Carson T. AP Scholar
    Jordan, Andrea C. AP Scholar
    Kaufer, Victoria AP Scholar with Distinction
    Lago, Natan R. AP Scholar with Honor
    Lin, Walterlin AP Scholar
    Linse, Anna-Sophie C. AP Scholar with Honor
    Medina Gonzalez, Adrian Emman AP Scholar with Honor
    Mendez, Veronica I. AP Scholar
    Montes, Emily AP Scholar
    Morales, Maite M. AP Scholar
    Morales, Renee S. AP Scholar
    Mukhtar, Iman N. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Padilla, William S. AP Scholar
    Pereyo, Viviana I. AP Scholar with Distinction
    Rios, Javier A. AP Scholar with Honor
    Sims, Mary Jane AP Scholar
    Singh, Ria AP Scholar with Honor
    Solomiany, Gabriela AP Scholar
    Sosa, Alexandra S. AP Scholar
    Suarez, Yolanda S. AP Seminar and Research Certificate
    Suarez, Yolanda S. AP Scholar
    Toro, Elena M. AP Scholar with Honor
    Toro, Mariana AP Scholar with Honor

    AP Scholars with Distinction

    Catherine Acosta
    Paula Blanco
    Maya Charak
    Wyatt Coomes
    Noah Dexter
    Valeria Dubon
    Isabelle Dumazet
    Maria Alejandra Ferrer
    Taylor Finn
    Andrea Jose Hernandez
    Pablo Llano
    Alvaro Lopez
    Emilio Matos
    Mariano Ortiz
    Sofia Perdomo
    Luis Portela
    Carolina Ramos
    Alondra Ubarri
    Valeria Torres
    Eduardo Sanchez
    Lara Santana
    Miranda Santiago
    Priscilla Yiu 
    Liliann Zou

    AP Scholars with Honor
    Savannah Baus
    Ana Cristina Benitez
    Andrew Chang
    Alexandra Larrea
    Isabella Maldonado
    Lisandro Montalvo
    Laura Reichard
    Lorenzo Solanot
    Gabriella Valdevieso
    AP Scholars

    Marina Acosta
    Vittorio Assaf
    Nicole Barrocas
    Carlota Bruno
    Monica Cruz
    Katherine Fernandez
    Paula Fernandez
    Rebecca Jacobs
    Ari Kleiman
    Stefanie Kolodziej
    Salome Levis
    Heriberto Martinez
    Rocio Mattei
    Julieta Mendoza
    Diego Serrano
  • National Merit Semifinalists

    Iman Mukhtar
    Victoria Kaufer Casas

    Ricardo S. Marrero-Alattar
    Paola Rodríguez
    Diego Saavedra


    Luis Portela
  • National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars

    Maya Charak
    Mariano Ortiz
    Luis Portela
    Laura Reichard
    Liliann Zou


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  • Distinguishing Features of a Saint John's Education

    • An unwavering commitment to academic excellence since 1915.
    • Departmentalized classes starting in 3rd grade.
    • Content taught through activities that develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.
    • Math instruction that focuses on conceptual understanding.
    • Only Elementary School in Puerto Rico encouraging authentic, profound learning through interest-driven explorations as part of the School Enrichment Model (SEM).
    • A cohesive program of studies for grades 7 through 12, designed to challenge students and develop as problem solvers and independent thinkers.
    • A traditionally challenging college preparatory Secondary School curriculum designed for proven university success.
    • Leadership and instruction in English by highly qualified principals and teachers.
    • Small class sizes averaging 15 students in all grade levels.
    • A highly competitive ERB achievement testing program for grades 3-10, with results well above the national norms and exceeding suburban and independent school norms in the grades tested.
    • Twenty-four Advanced Placement course offerings.
    • Admission of graduates into top ranked colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.
    • Through the use of the latest technology, eBooks and the schoolwide wireless network, students have access to unlimited resources to enhance their learning experience.
    • Successful and established interscholastic athletics program for students in grades 1-12.
    • Student athletes compete and excel in local private school leagues (L.A.M.E.P.I. and P.R.H.S.A.A.) in 10 sports with a total of 57 teams
    • A comfortable urban campus learning environment in modern, well maintained facilities.

Profile of a Saint John's School Graduate

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  • Life-long learner and critical thinker

    • Actively pursues personal growth and develops individual talents and abilities.
    • Exhibits curiosity and creativity.
    • Displays resourcefulness and resiliency.
    • Uses sources appropriately to find information and gain knowledge.
    • Demonstrates mathematical, scientific, and technological expertise.
    • Analyzes, evaluates and synthesizes information.
    • Solves problems effectively and adapts to changing circumstances.
  • Excellent communicator and productive collaborator

    • Masters listening, speaking, reading and writing in both English and Spanish.
    • Respects the opinions, values and beliefs of others and practices self-reflection.
    • Ably engages in debate as a tool for helping a group move forward.
  • Engaged global citizen and agent of change

    • Makes ethical choices.
    • Exercises leadership.
    • Consistently participates in meaningful service to others.
    • Advocates social justice.
    • Protects and conserves the environment.
  • Culturally appreciative person

    • Embraces diverse works of literature, visual and performing arts, and music as expressions of creativity, social reflection and the human condition.
    • Comprehends global cultures and explores the accomplishments of societies throughout history.
    • Understands and respects different cultural contexts and perspectives.
  • Healthy and balanced individual

    • Nurtures both mind and body.
    • Lives a balanced life.

Saint John’s School

Saint John’s School is a non-profit, college preparatory, nonsectarian, coeducational day school founded in 1915. The school, located in a residential area of Condado, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has an enrollment of over 800 students from pre pre-kinder to grade twelve. Instruction is mostly in English with the exception of language courses.